How Much Life Insurance Should You Have?

When it comes to life insurance the question arises: How much coverage is enough? This is where the D.I.M.E. Method comes in handy as a useful tool. It is very simple to understand and implement.

Here is the step-by-step:
D – Debts & DeathDo you want all of your debts paid off? What kind of funeral do you want?
I – IncomeHow much income is needed to maintain your lifestyle and for how long?
M – MortgageDo you want part or all of your mortgage paid off?
E – EducationWould you like to plan for your child’s education or give them a financial headstart on their future?
If you are in need of coverage for you and your family we would love to be a resource for you and educate you on your options so you have the peace of mind knowing your family is secure and your legacy will continue even after death.

Please schedule a call by clicking on the link below and we can educate you on your options and meet you at a budget that makes sense for you.


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